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Just imagine the delicious flavour of a Piña colada as this is the best way to describe the divine scent of our organic Pineapple Lip Balm. You won't need to apply this as often as perhaps a typical gloss, as it is purposely designed to provide a strong level of protection from the elements and cannot be licked off easily like many other lip balms on the market. This hydrating balm also has healing therapeutic properties and is perfect for those with sensitive, dry or cracked lips. If you work outside alot, this will help protect your lips from harsh winds but please note it is not a sunblock.  With organic pineapple infused oil, you will keep wanting more! Useful for cracked, dry, or irritated lips to soothe and protect or to maintain your youthful look!We use NZ beeswax from our friends at Tui Bees:  Patch test prior to use. In the unlikely event of skin reaction, discontinue use and consult health practitioner.

Pineapple Lip Balm

  • Please send us a photo of any damage that may have occurred during transit. We will seek compensation from NZ Post in order to replace your items. Please store your lipbalms thoughtfully and do not leave them in hot cars or direct sunlight.

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